This guide has been published by the Events Industry Forum to help those organizing smaller community and local events comply with legislation and good practice to create a safe environment for everyone involved, from volunteers to attendees.

This is not intended as a detailed guide but simply to provide general guidance to the things that organisers need to consider in planning an event.

For larger events – or more information about any issues covered in this guide – reference should be made to The Purple Guide which provides more comprehensive guidance for event organisers and those involved in supplying events.

The Purple Guide is available on-line at There is an annual subscription for using it of £25 + VAT.

The Events Industry Forum (EIF) is an informal ‘organisation’ that brings together trade bodies and institutions from across the events industry to discuss and collaborate on issues of common interest. Other than the publication of the Purple Guide, which is held separately within EIF Limited, the Forum has no formal structure or membership and acts purely in the interests of the industry as a whole.