A subscription to access the content of the Purple Guide website at www.thepurpleguide.co.uk costs £25 plus VAT for the year for a single user. There are also multi-user subscription plans available.

Payment for the Purple Guide Single User and Purple Guide Lite plans can only be made online by credit/debit card.

Payment this way gives you instant access once the process has completed.

For the Access by IP subscriptions, if you wish to pay by cheque or bank transfer, you may do so by selecting the invoice option during the subscription process. An invoice will be generated and sent by e-mail to your account address. Please follow the instructions on the invoice to pay for your subscription and ensure you include the invoice number as a reference. 

There is a purchase order box on the subscription form, the contents of which will be added to your invoice.

Your account will be activated within 10 days of payment being received and you will receive notification by e-mail when this is done. 

NB: You will not have access to the guide until payment has been received and fully processed.

Payment by invoice is only available for our Access by IP subscription plans.

When you complete the subscription form for these, there is an option to pay by invoice. If you select this, an e-mail will be sent to you with a PDF of the invoice.

The company name and the address you enter on the subscription form is used on the invoice so please ensure this is correct for your organisation's payment requirements. 

Please ensure you include the invoice number as the payment reference to ensure speedy activation.

NB If you opt for payment by invoice, you will not be able to access the guide immediately. We endeavour to activate accounts as soon as we receive notification of payment being made by our accounts team.

While we used to allow invoicing for all subscription plans, we found that there was often a disconnect between the subscription being taken out and payment being received. This often resulted in payments we couldn't identify and subscriptions remaining in a pending status for months on end.

Where we previously used PayPal as a payment processor, which was problematic for some business card holders, we are now using a new payment processor that should elminate the problems. As such, we are now only accepting card payments for Single User and Lite subscriptions.

Susbcriptions do not automatically renew. You will be sent reminders in the lead-up to your renewal date and if you wish to continue to subscribe, you need to log-in on the site and renew manually.

Food, Events and Things (FEAT) Ltd. are the company which provides the secretarial support for The Event Services Association (TESA), a member of the Events Industry Forum (EIF), which produced the Purple Guide. FEAT manage the website and process the payments on behalf of EIF Ltd.

Please note! Food, Events and Things (FEAT) Ltd, The Event Services Association (TESA) and Events Industry Forum (EIF), have a no refund policy for the Purple Guide publication.

The only prices we have are those displayed in the subscription section.